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Lorenzo Lamas Opens Up About His Greatest Regret

  • July 10, 2015

In a ’80s and ’90s Lorenzo Lamas was, by all accounts, a Hollywood success. As a son of dual actors, Lamas had turn ardent about behaving during a immature age. He landed a ancillary purpose in “Grease” during age 19, and by a time he was 23, he was starring in a renouned primetime array “Falcon Crest.” After that show’s nine-year run, Lamas changed on to another series, a crime play “Renegade,” and continued to seem in several films and TV guest spots as his report allowed. In short, Lamas always found himself operative hard, and he was enjoying a movement in his career.

Then, things began to change. The radio roles became spotty, a film offers slowed down and work felt like it had come to a halt. Today, Lamas has incited his courtesy divided from a party business and now works as a helicopter pilot

“My biggest bewail would be that we took my success for granted, since it was given to me during such a immature age,” he tells

Not going from one behaving pursuit to another was a bizarre composition for Lamas during that time. “I consistently worked from my early twenties,” he says. “I always had another array to go to or cinema that were employing me.”

Of course, when a work slowed, Lamas’ income took a hit. He has reportedly filed for failure twice, and looks behind on his career struggles with a most opposite viewpoint than he had during a tallness of his success.

“It was a unequivocally formidable doctrine to learn during 40 years old,” Lamas admits. “My bewail would be not to have prepared some-more for [my career ending]. In other words: Put some income divided and not spend it so… frivolously on boats and airplanes and houses behind gates, and all that things that unequivocally doesn’t matter.”

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