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LAPD’s Community Policing Strategy Serves As Prime Example For NYPD

  • January 11, 2015

Tense competition family following a Rodney King violence fast done a Los Angeles Police Department one of a many scandalous law coercion organizations of a 1990s. But a New York Police Department might have only dethroned a southern California reflection interjection to Eric Garner’s chokehold genocide during a hands of military officer Daniel Pantaleo.

As New York City grapples with a police-community family following Garner’s death, a Big Apple could learn a thing or dual from LA’s swell in a final dual decades. In a HuffPost Live review on Thursday, USC law highbrow Jody Armour pronounced that Los Angeles’ arena given a Rodney King riots serves as a primary instance for a NYPD.

“We need to applaud [the success of a LAPD] and make certain that New York, that now has [police arch Bill] Bratton, doesn’t pierce towards a broken windows policy

Taking a some-more critical tone, Armour suggested that Los Angeles’ successful village family proceed is one that should be widespread to military departments opposite a United States.

While Bratton came to Los Angeles as a broken-windows process believer who affianced to concentration additional military army on high-crime areas, he embraced the agree decreeRampart scandal

“Bratton knows it. He came out to LA in 2002 from a damaged windows background, though a agree direct done him not follow that sold process and adopt a opposite one,” Armour told horde Nancy Redd

As military arch of a LAPD, Bratton made competition family a priority Eight in 10 purebred voters

“The crime has left down … with a community-oriented approach, not a paramilitary damaged windows approach. So we have a experimental justification before us. We need to learn from it and make certain that it’s widespread opposite a nation,” Armour added.

Learn some-more about a L.A.P.D. and Los Angeles squad activity by examination HuffPost Live’s full review here

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