Laci Green Explains Why So Many People Don’t Believe Survivors Of Sexual Assault

If a lady says she was intimately assaulted — trust her.

In a new video for her array “MTV Braless2 to 5 percent of all rape reports spin out to be false

Green cites instances of passionate attack on college campusessexual attack allegations opposite comedian Bill Cosby

“If 35 women can come brazen and still be doubted, what possibility does one lady have?” Green says, referring to a 35 women who have indicted Cosbystories are still being questioned

Green connects a emanate of people not guileless passionate attack survivors to a idea that people don’t trust women

“Very Smart Brothas” editor-in-chief Damon Young wrote about how group are mostly reluctant to trust women, infrequently but even realizing it,Young wrote

Green leaves us with a frightful statistic that 97 percent

So, to sum it up:

Sounds about right to us.

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