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Incredible Teen Poets Sum Up Everything Wrong With America

  • January 06, 2015

“There are things blank from a story books.”

Indeed, American textbooks have copiousness of blind spots

The teen spoken-word poets are members of a Get Lit 40 percent of teenagers won’t connoisseur high school.since-canceled “The Queen Latifah Show,” Bustle

In a poem, a teenagers take on topics like criminialized books, gun attack and passionate assault.

They chorus:

We are taught that only since something happened doesn’t meant we are to pronounce about. They build us code new selling malls so we forget where we’re unequivocally standing, on a skeleton of a Hispanics, on a skeleton of a slaves, on a skeleton of Native Americans, on a skeleton of those who who fought only to speak.

The poets also pronounce about cruelty and nuisance in a Internet age, asking, “How many pixels is your reason worth?”

Their summary rings shrill and clear: Some of a biggest injustices in America are also a least-talked about, in propagandize textbooks and in life.

H/T Bustle

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