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How Gloria Steinem Reacted When People Called Her ‘Pushy’ In 1971

  • March 27, 2015

Gloria Steinem pennyless down a double standards absolute women face — all a approach behind in 1971.

Resurfaced by WifeyTV in respect of Steinem’s 81st birthday1971 CBC Archives clip

The voice on a recording says that Steinem is mostly insincere to be a “real bitch” and “very assertive and pushy.” “Everybody’s always seeking me about what kind of lady is she?” a lady on a recording says. “You know they have these whole preconceived ideas of [a] lady who gets to where Gloria is in life, what one has to do.”

Steinem reacted to a clip, observant that what dissapoint her many was a use of a word “bitch.” “What I’ve come to know newly is it’s not always personal,” she told Charlson. “Because we keep assembly women who I’ve listened all my life are bitchy and crude and so on and so onward — we accommodate them and they’re nice, merciful people. If we don’t play your role, if we brave to aspire to something afterwards we get [called a bitch] automatically, though it’s tough for me to remember that.”

Far too often,pushybitchy

Watch a full video above.

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