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How A 15-Year-Old Dwayne Johnson (Literally) Saved His Mother’s Life

  • November 17, 2015

Before Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became a famous wrestler, actor or father

“I knew that my relatives were going by some really, unequivocally tough times in terms of their marriage,” Johnson tells “Oprah’s Master Class.”

One quite dire impulse happened when a family relocated to Nashville, Tenn. from California. Johnson, who was 15, and his father, Rocky, altered before Ata did, and on a day she arrived in Nashville after her cross-country drive, a tragedy between mom and father boiled over.

“I’ll never forget it. It was substantially about 1 o’clock in a afternoon. We were during a restaurant, a 3 of us, and they got into it,” Johnson says. “They got into a unequivocally large fight. Not physical, though only unequivocally shrill arguing.”

The 3 left a restaurant, with Johnson’s dissapoint relatives removing into his father’s car, and Johnson removing into a driver’s chair of his mother’s car.

“I already had my permit during that time during 15,” Johnson says. “We’re pushing down I-65 — I-65 is a vital widespread that runs by Tennessee — and I’m examination them expostulate in front of me. Their automobile starts swerving, and we can clearly see that they are arguing. My aged male creates a tough right, and he gets on a shoulder, on a sand road.”

With a automobile stopped, Johnson’s mom got out. The demeanour on her face still haunts Johnson today.

“She had a glassy demeanour over her eyes that we had never seen before,” he says.

That’s when she walked into traffic.

“She walks right into a center of I-65, and continues to travel down into approaching traffic,” Johnson recalls. “My heart stopped.”

Horns were floating and vehicles were swerving out of a approach to equivocate attack Ata. Johnson sprung out of a automobile and fast done his approach to her.

“I grabbed her and wrestled her over to a side of a road,” Johnson says. “I don’t remember what we pronounced to her. we remember she didn’t contend a thing.”

Yet, even but words, Johnson had only schooled a absolute lesson.

“In that moment, one of a biggest lessons I’ve ever schooled was how altered life is and how in an instant, it can all go away,” he says. “[It] altered me.”

Though that occurrence will stay with Johnson forever, Ata has no correlation of it.

“My mom has no thought that it even happened. That’s a irony,” Johnson says. “That’s also a beauty of it. She does not remember anything, appreciate God. Maybe it’s too dire to remember.”

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