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Homeless Woman Who Picked Up An LAPD Nightstick Faces Life In Prison

  • July 23, 2015

A homeless California lady shown on video picking adult a military officer’s rod could spend a rest of her life in jail for a act.

When Charly Keunang, an unarmed and homeless black man, was fatally shotfirestorm of protestdisputed that claim

Caught in a ravel was 34-year-old Trishawn Carey, who is seen on video picking adult an officer’s nightstick from a ground. She can be seen lifting a rod before being brought down by LAPD officers.

For picking adult a baton, Carey could now face 25 years to life

Deputy District Attorney Gregory Denton told a Times that Carey attempted to conflict a officer when she lifted a baton. Video does not uncover a lady overhanging during or attack anyone with a weapon. Nonetheless, Carey has been charged with attack with a lethal arms opposite a military officer and facing arrest.

“I’ve seen a video, you’ve seen a video; she doesn’t go after anybody,” invulnerability profession Milton Grimes told a Times. “Is possession of a rod an assault? No. The authorised basement appears to me to be a daze or coverup of a murdering of a male by a police.”

Grimes pronounced that Carey has struggled with mental illness and been hospitalized in a past for “acute episodes of psychosis,” according to a Times. She has been in jail for scarcely 5 months. On Wednesday, her bail was lowered

“I was in a wrong place and around a wrong people,” Carey told a Times.

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