California Court Upholds City’s Right To Ban Certain Firearms

Signaling a vital win for gun control advocates, a California justice ruled Wednesday that a city’s ban on high-capacity gun magazines

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals inspected a statute that a Sunnyvale, California, city ordinance, that prohibits a possession of ammunition magazines able of holding some-more than 10 rounds, does not violate a Second Amendment. The lawsuit was brought brazen by a National Rifle Association and other gun groups

“The Second Amendment right is ‘not a right to keep and lift any arms whatsoever in any demeanour whatsoever and for whatever purpose,'” Judge Michael Daly Hawkins wrote for a unanimous three-judge panel. He added, “Sunnyvale’s interests in promoting open reserve and shortening aroused crime

Passed by electorate in 2013

The gun groups’ profession Chuck Michel vowed to continue fighting Sunnyvale’s ordinance.

“An interest of this preference is already being prepared, in further to a apart lawsuit on preemption drift that will be filed opposite Sunnyvale within a week,” he told

The San Jose Mercury News records that a stakes are high for gun advocates, as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mountain View and other cities have moved to adopt identical firearm restrictions

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