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As The Force Awakens, So Does John Boyega’s Fame

  • December 15, 2015

A year later, Boyega is afforded distant reduction shade for his purpose as Finn, a reformed Stormtrooper who doubles as a Luke Skywalker of “The Force Awakens.” (Or during slightest a Luke Skywalker archetype: Mark Hamill is set to reprise his purpose as a strange “Star Wars” hero, yet his deficiency from all promotional materials has left fans speculating about what might have turn of Darth Vader’s sonThe Circleridding himself of a character

“I haven’t unequivocally wanted to ask that since that, for me, is a given,” Boyega said. “It only depends on how critical we make it in my head. For me, it’s not that critical since it’s ‘Star Wars.’ It’s a given that that’s going to be a vital doubt via your whole career. I’m looking during Harrison during his immature age and people are still seeking him about it. And it’s like, ‘Cool.’ But for me, as prolonged as we get to demonstrate art by opposite films and opposite stories, I’m excellent with people wanting to move adult a ‘Star Wars’ thing.” 

Whether or not Boyega comprehends accurately what he’s in for come Friday, during that indicate critics and fans will have begun to opine en masse, he insists there’s a reason to be hopeful. Before Monday’s Los Angeles premiere

“If we was Disney, I’d substantially be meditative to myself, ‘Well, they improved like it,'” Boyega said. “And they will. They will. I’ve watched a movie, and it’s protected to contend that all a hype is really value it.”

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens Dec. 18, in box we didn’t already know. 


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