A Decade After ‘Crash,’ Paul Haggis Reflects On The Polarizing Racial ‘Fable’ That Stormed The Oscars

About 15 years ago, Paul Haggis was laughed out of one assembly after a subsequent when he pitched “Crash” to radio executives. He wrote it as a film instead (with Bobby Moresco), yet pre-production was close down mixed times since a expel didn’t embody a right A-listers to clear financing. After it was finally made, Haggis tried, unsuccessfully, to speak Lionsgate out of a far-reaching melodramatic bow, meditative a box-office intensity would decline but time to beget hum in singular release. The film grossed an considerable $98 million worldwide

Ten years later, “Crash” is one of a many quarrelsome releases of a past decade. Even yet a few initial detractors saw a film as “dramaturgical pixie dustat once tangled and threadbareLionsgate distributed 130,000 copies of a DVD to voters

Yet we are still weighing a merits of “Crash” to this day. TIME listed a competition with “Brokeback Mountain” as one of a most argumentative Best Picture racesdebates fury onScientology resignationGoing Clear

What was a birth of “Crash”?

After networks incited we down, we took a outline and recruited Bobby Moresco to assistance we spin it into a movie. Studios weren’t interested, and securing financing was hard. Was that since it revolved around race?

Thandie Newton and Matt Dillon in a stage from “Crash”

Did we accomplish what we wanted to?

It feels like we incorporate only about each secular organisation in L.A. Was that intentional?

Did people tell we that, as a white man, we shouldn’t be creation a film about race?

What do we make of a criticisms over a movie’s proceed to race? Some contend a film is full of stereotypes and simplifies a country’s secular tensions.

Would it be easier to make this film today, when party that tackles competition is some-more prominent?

So a reason is since of Hollywood economics rather than a essence of a movie?

How did a expel come together?

The second call of debate came with a Oscar race. People had — and still have — extreme opinions about either “Crash” is estimable of a awards.

Eight months later, “Crash” won Best Picture. What was a tour to that moment?

Are we means to demeanour behind and contend that “Crash” did merit a awards?

You were nominated a year before for “Million Dollar Baby,” so we assume we were an Academy member by then. Did we opinion for “Crash’?

paul haggis crash
Cathy Schulman, Jack Nicholson and Paul Haggis backstage during a Oscars on Mar 5, 2006

With so many manifold plots, what stage stands out as a one that cements a film for you?and

You were a Scientologist during a time we done “Crash.” Did that change your filmmaking?

This talk has been edited and condensed.

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