9 Clever Pranks Hilariously Hidden In Plain Sight

Comedy author Jeff Wysaski is withdrawal a trail of LOL-worthy breadcrumbs

You competence know his work from Twitter or his blog Pleated JeansObvious Plant

“My favorite outcome came after we placed a feign self-help books during [Book Soup in LA],” Wysaski wrote in an email about one of a pranks. “Some courageous Redditors figured out where they were and went adult there to check them out. After indicating a books out to a store staff, they private them from a shelves and placed them on a special arrangement noted with a cost tab of $7 million each. we adore when a store has a good clarity of amusement about it.”

While he doesn’t always get to see a gay (or so we assume) reactions from people who come opposite his work, though a sorcery lies in meaningful that these small departures from existence are out there, trolling a trusting and giving a clever something to Instagram. Check out 9 of his funniest endeavors so far

1Obvious Plant

2Obvious Plant

3Obvious Plant

4Obvious Plant

5Obvious Plant

6Obvious Plant

7Obvious Plant

8Obvious Plant

9Obvious Plant

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/21/obvious-plant-pranks_n_7107356.html?utm_hp_ref=los-angeles&ir=Los+Angeles

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