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6 Times Kanye West Was So Serious About Fashion, We Had No Idea What He Was Talking About

  • January 23, 2015

Another day, another absurd conform quote from Kanye West.

The designerBalmain modelpersonal stylist

First, West respected each singular chairman in a universe as a “fashion insider,” since “it’s bootleg to be naked.” Hmm, okay

Everyone has some form of conform each singular day. We have a energy to change a world. we trust that by design, since pattern is a closest to truth, problem-solving law is a closest to love, and adore is a closest thing to God, and God is love.

Heavy stuff. Yet, this isn’t a initial time West has connected conform to, well, something most bigger. Here are 5 other times West was so critical about fashion, we only had no thought what he was articulate about:

That time he talked to GQ


And when he told GQ


That time he told Zane Lowe


That time he discussed a significance of wearing boots in a interview with Zane Lowe


And that time during a New York Times interview


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