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What I Thought About For The 38 Minutes I Thought I Was Going To Die

  • January 16, 2018

And I’ve been battling lashing out at those people on the mainland or across the globe who dare say to me and anyone else in Hawai’i: “get over it” , “it was just a drill” (it was NOT), “it was a mistake” , “you are overreacting”.  You cannot sit there from the relative safety of your homes, where in the event of an emergency you may often have (though not always, I admit) an option to flee, to drive to another location, another state (even if it’s six hours away) and judge me on how I felt and reacted during this 38 minutes OR for any of the rest of that day, numb and in shock.  We thought we were going to die.  I’m not being dramatic here.  WE THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO DIE.  At least for a few moments…if maybe not the whole 38 before word actually got out we were not…there were moments in there when everyone on this island thought they could die. We did not have the option to think this was a drill since we were told it was NOT.  A Ballistic Missile strike would take out, nearly, our entire state.  There is no driving away from that – we are on an island.  You do NOT get to sit and judge any of us for any of the reactions we had.  You cannot know what it felt like, and I am glad that you do not…because I would not wish the feelings and thoughts I had during those 38 minutes, and am still having, on my worst enemy. 

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