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‘Tetris’ Ower Takes Hawaii Home And Ranch Off The Grid

  • July 06, 2015

HONOLULU (AP) — High above a bustling city of Honolulu, in a quiet, disdainful bank area where some of a island’s wealthiest residents live, there is an impracticable home that’s not utterly like a others.

The 6,000-square-foot residence has a perspective unaware Diamond Head, Waikiki and a Pacific Ocean, and dual Tesla cars in a driveway. It’s not a dual electric cars that set a skill detached from a swanky neighbors.

The disproportion is that this solar-powered home is totally appetite independent.

Homeowner Henk Rogers, 61, hopes a record he is regulating in his home can assistance make other homes opposite Hawaii — and a universe — appetite eccentric as well.

Rogers is famous for finding a video diversion “Tetris” some-more than 20 years ago. He now manages a worldwide rights for a diversion along with his business partner, Alexey Pajitnov, who wrote a program.

“If you’re going to purify adult a world, initial of all we have to purify your possess room,” Rogers said, referring to Hawaii, that has some of a tip appetite costs in a nation.

Rogers will announce his new company, Blue Planet Energy Systems, on Monday. The new venture, that will sell and implement battery systems for homes and businesses using on solar technology, skeleton to start sales on Aug. 1. He declined to contend how most a systems would cost, though pronounced there will be a five- to seven-year lapse on a investment for a standard devise that his association will install.

The Blue Ion system, that Rogers has been contrast in his home for a final year, uses Sony lithium iron phosphate batteries, that can final for 20 years and do not need cooling, he says.

Partnering with Sony, Rogers believes a batteries can be a resolution to a long-standing problem of storing a sun’s appetite and assisting reduce appetite costs in Hawaii.

Sony has been building lithium ion batteries given 1991, and a units being used in Rogers’ home are tip of a line.

The batteries store appetite from solar panels, permitting people to use it during night though carrying to rest on costly appetite from a grid.

Rogers’ association will sell and implement a battery systems for blurb and residential use, provision all from a housing to a program to guard and contend a systems.

Robert Harris, a orator for a Alliance for Solar Choice, an advocacy group, pronounced consumers haven’t had most call to deposit in battery storage systems since of a cost and inducement programs that inspire people to stay related to a grid. Harris, who is also a executive of open process during Sunrun, a solar apparatus retailer in Honolulu, pronounced homeowners with solar panels typically put appetite into a grid and take it behind as needed, something called net metering.

“A lot of appetite can be put into a grid right now, so it hasn’t been a large inducement indispensably for a homeowner to deposit in storage,” Harris said. That could change in a subsequent few months with several new systems besides Rogers’ approaching to strike a market.

“These products will be means of storing and putting out appetite on a daily basement during a sincerely reasonable cost point,” Harris said.

Rogers, who also owns a plantation on Hawaii’s Big Island that is appetite independent, pronounced he had an epiphany after pang a heart conflict and near-death knowledge in 2006.

While recovering, he motionless he would take advantage of a second chance. Rogers review about a probability of losing all a coral reefs in a universe since of sea acidification, that has been related to meridian change and rising CO in oceans.

“We’re going to finish a use of carbon-based fuel, and that is my goal No. 1,” he said.

Rogers is a owner and authority of a Blue Planet Foundation, an classification that promotes purify appetite alternatives and lobbies politicians to change policy.

Recently, a substructure combined a book of children’s drawings and letters pleading for state lawmakers to charge Hawaii turn appetite independent. He done certain a books were valued during underneath $25, a limit volume a lawmaker can accept as a gift, and delivered a duplicate to each lawmaker in Hawaii.

“This has got to be a summary from a children since it’s a children’s universe we are perplexing to save,” Rogers said.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige announced progressing this year that a state of Hawaii would turn totally appetite eccentric by 2045.

“I would contend a crowning excellence is 2045,” Rogers added.

Hawaii state Sen. Lorraine Inouye, who is on a Energy and Transportation Committee, pronounced she is speedy that people are holding a beginning to turn appetite independent.

“I’m so happy that private adults are perplexing to have a tolerable appetite supply on their property,” Inouye said. The devise for appetite autonomy by 2045 “can be accomplished, though we need to mislay obstacles,” she added. “If we don’t have anything in government to accommodate a goals for a future, a private entities, a application companies, would be means to take things in their hands and do what they wish to do.”


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