Obama Gives Touching Holiday Tribute To The Troops

This year’s revisit came 4 days after 6 U.S. use members were killed in a self-murder conflict in Afghanistan. In his initial open comments on a attack, Obama praised a 6 people as “outstanding, dauntless group and women.”

“As we know, when you’re deployed overseas, it’s tough,” Obama pronounced Friday. He pronounced th during nonetheless his administration has brought home infantry from Iraq and Afghanistan, “there are still folks over there each singular day and it’s still dangerous, as we saw this past week, where we had some outstanding, dauntless group and women who were killed.”

“So we never take for postulated what all of we do for a American people,” Obama said. “You assistance keep us free. You assistance keep us strong. Whatever use you’re in, whatever branch, we are unusually beholden for all that we do each singular day.”

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/12/26/obama-christmas-hawaii-marines_n_8878364.html?utm_hp_ref=hawaii&ir=Hawaii