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Castaway Who Survived 14 Months At Sea Sued For Cannibalism Of Shipmate

  • December 17, 2015

His full story is minute in Jonathan Franklin’s bookIn an excerptate his possess fingernails

Córdoba died after a few months, according to Alvarenga. Before he did, he reportedly made Alvarenga guarantee dual things

Alvarenga met with Córdoba’s mother

In Alvarenga’s account, Córdoba convulsed and died on a building of a vessel with his eyes open. Alvarenga pronounced he continued articulate to a remains for 6 days, incompetent to cope with carrying mislaid his usually companion.

When Alvarenga finally regained his composure, he pronounced he achieved as best a funeral as he could manage: 

 First we cleared his feet. His garments were useful, so we nude off a span of shorts and a sweatshirt. we put that on — it was red, with small skull-and-crossbones — and afterwards we dumped him in. And as we slid him into a water, we fainted.”

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