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Boy Scout, Cubmaster Honored For Heroic Service At Military Crash Site

  • December 16, 2015

Cubmasters and their Boy Scouts are taught to be superb leaders in their communities. Turns out, they’re brought adult to be lifesaving heroes, too.

On a morning of May 17, a troops aircraft filled with Marines crashed during a slight traininginvestigation by a Marine Corps

Nearby, Kainoa Hepfner, an 8-year-old Webelos Scout had just finished a weekend Cub Scouts camping trip

She followed Hepfner to a scene, climbed over a blockade surrounding a airfield and immediately began assisting Marines out of a disadvantage and administering CPR. 

At that time, a [aircraft] was in pieces, on fire

She was one of a initial people during a pile-up site

Last week, a National Boy Scouts of America awarded medals to Peddle Smith and Hepfner

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