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Seattle Seahawks Must Do These 3 Things To Win The Super Bowl

  • January 28, 2015

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marshawn lynch

Marshawn Lynch is the heartbeat

If we go behind to a 4 Seahawk waste this season, a common thesis is Lynch not carrying a normal game. In fact, looking during those 4 matches, he rushed for a walking normal of 68.5 yards per diversion on a measly 58 carries. That’s hardly proven a successful strategy


michael bennett

The winning regulation for violence New England has always been: Take one Tom Brady, request consistent pressure. The wily partial is doing it but bringing a blitz, since really few quarterbacks are improved during violence one. With Michael Bennett and Chris Avril, Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn mostly doesn’t have to blitz, since both are good during requesting a required pressure.

Unlike Russell Wilson, Brady will mostly stay within a pocket. A purify slot — that he had when personification opposite both Baltimore and Indianapolis — means transparent throwing lanes for one of a game’s all-time many accurate quarterbacks. Seattle’s delegate gets many of a headlinesBennett


russell wilson

If Russell Wilson is even remotely within distinguished stretch late in a game, he becomes lethal. His many new antics contra Green Bay are explanation adequate of that. Ultimately, it seems like Wilson only doesn’t caring how feeble he has played — he wants a round when it matters a most

Wilson is infrequently criticized, maybe unfairly, for disposition on an chosen invulnerability to bail him out. He has been called a “game manager,” that is ridiculous when we cruise both his stats and his purchase gene. But no matter what labels he gets intoxicated with, Wilson relishes a vigour moments, a la Brady, and excels in them as well. The Seahawks know this. They revelry in it. And, maybe many importantly, they play to it

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