Mohammad Hossain Cleared In ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Rape Case

A decider ruled there wasn’t adequate justification to ensue with a box opposite a college tyro accused of raping

Cook County Judge Peggy Chimapas made a decision

“This doesn’t meant this is over,” Chimapas told Hossain, according to DNA Info Chicago. The decider remarkable that prosecutors could still try to secure an complaint opposite him from a grand jury.

Chimapas pronounced a dual photographs display bruising on a accusers physique and her testimony were not adequate to take a box to trial.

At a rough hearing, a 19-year-old prosecution pronounced a passionate confront in Feb started off consensual though afterwards incited violent.

From DNA Info:

The lady nude down to her underwear before Hossain stranded a weave top over her face and tied her hands above her head, contracting her to a bottom of a lofted bed, she said. Hossain tied a belt around her feet and lonesome her mouth with a necktie.

Then, a prosecution testified, Hossain told her “I wish to see we resist.” He afterwards strike her regularly with a belt, harder and harder any time.

Hossain afterwards allegedly pronounced “I wish to see how most we can take” and “I wish to see we cry.”

The plant testified that he pinned her arms down and raped her.

“I was saying, ‘No, stop,’ jolt my conduct from side to side,” a plant said, according to a Chicago Tribune.

But Hossain’s lawyer, Joshua Kutnick, insisted a dual were consensually behaving out scenes from ’50 Shades.’

“The dual of we were role-playing a movie, correct?” Kutnick asked during cross-examination.

“I didn’t see it that way,” a prosecution said.

Outside a courthouse, Kutnick admitted his client’s innocence.

“It was clearly shown that this occurrence was consensual,” Kutnick said, according to a Tribune. “It was dual college students who were carrying a passionate confront and that’s all that it was.”

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