Kshama Sawant Set To Deliver Socialist Rebuttal To Obama’s State Of The Union Address

For a second uninterrupted year, a Seattle city legislature member and “proud Socialist”

Kshama Sawant was inaugurated to city legislature on a Socialist Alternative platform

A college highbrow and proponent of a Occupy movement, Sawant touted her support for a magnitude to boost Seattle’s smallest salary to $15 an hour as a pivotal partial of her campaign. The city after passed that salary travel in a ancestral votewas arrested in a protest

In 2014, Sawant also offering a rebuttalexpected to residence again

Watch Sawant’s 2014 come-back below:

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/20/kshama-sawant-socialist-state-of-the-union_n_6511176.html?utm_hp_ref=chicago&ir=Chicago

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