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Kris Bryant: ‘Sometimes Batting Practice Is A Bad Thing’

  • December 11, 2015

Coach Joe Maddon and his Chicago Cubs became a fan favorite this year for their loose character of play

 Bryant explained:

 It was great. we mean, we don’t feel we took batting use on a margin a final dual months, and those were my best dual months of a year, too. And we don’t know if there is any correlation, though as a deteriorate gets going — it’s a prolonged deteriorate — your physique starts to mangle down, so it’s critical to kind of get that rest. It’s totally untraditional, too. You go out to a field, we take batting use all a time, though infrequently we consider that’s a bad thing since we kind of get out of your routine. You are perplexing to strike home runs since there are fans out there and we wish to give them a baseball. But, we mean, infrequently it creates bad habits, so it was good for me to kind of get divided from that a small bit.

Batting use is roughly a protocol before to a ball diversion for any vital joining club, though it didn’t seem to stop a Cubs’ play. The group ranked sixth

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