How To Stream The Super Bowl For Free Online In 2015

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and we are frantically acid for some approach to watch a diversion with all those friends we invited over during a final minute, right? That, or we are during home alone with a pint of ice cream.

Either way, it’s OK, and all is going to be fine! It’s indeed super easy to watch a Super Bowl online this year. Just click over to NBC

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Yes, dear American, your online dreams have been answered

Want to watch 10 true hours of Super Bowl coverage in what can usually be described as a modern-day homogeneous of Chinese H2O torture? You can! NBC will start a livestream during 12 p.m. Eastern Standard TimeThe Blacklist

This isn’t a initial time NBC has streamed a Super Bowl, though it is a initial time it’s been means to embody a halftime uncover in a stream

One thing to note: The streaming use won’t work on your smartphone

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