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How To Defend Yourself Against A Shark Week Fan, Because They’re Convo-Killing Machines

  • July 06, 2015

Da-dum … da-dum …

Shark Week is here again — and for us non-Shark Week folk, that means pang by a week of people yammering on and on about how overwhelming Shark Week is. And it potentially means a genocide of thousands of differently abounding and sharp-witted conversations about anything else it doesn’t even matter what OMG.

You need to know how to titillate yourself opposite a Shark Week fan, so compensate attention, it could save your life.

Avoid eye contact!

Don’t trounce around!

If you’re spotted, get in a defensive position!
hands over ears

Resist a titillate to gash or slash them!

If we contingency conflict them, go for a gills!
fish head

Fool someone into entering a conversation, so we can escape!

Void your bowels!

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