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Here’s A Much-Needed Reminder About Civil Unrest In Light Of The Baltimore Riots

  • April 28, 2015

Groups of protesters violently clashed with police roughly 200 people had been arrested

While some people have sought to explainsense of disappointment and despair

People, generally Twitter users, have frequently taken a event to indicate out that polite disturbance comes in all colors, shapes and sizes, and for all sorts of reasons (yes, including comparatively bad ones). When tensions boil over, it’s critical that we don’t expel aside underlying issues in preference of shallower judgments about those doing a protesting. Unless, as is a box with a examples below, there are distant fewer underlying issues.

Fans rioted nearby a University of Kentucky campus in Lexington progressing this month, after Wisconsin degraded a group in a Final Four of a NCAA Tournament in Indianapolis. People reportedly threw bottles and illuminated fires. Police responded with peppers mist and other throng dispersion techniques, before eventually arresting 31 people

kentucky fans collected lexington
(AP Photo/David Stephenson)

Kentucky fans also rioted after winning in a Final Four in 2014.

kentucky fans lexington april

Kentucky students rioted again

After a San Francisco Giants won a World Series last yearrioting in a city

Students also began rioting after Penn State dismissed football manager Joe Paterno in

— Script Merch Lover (@TheWillardYears) November 25, 2014

And here’s a stage on campus after a UConn men’s basketball group done it to a Final Four final year.


A video posted by Mike (@donlento7) on Mar 3, 2014 during 2:45pm PDT

destroyed even more

Fans in Vancouver rioted after their group mislaid a Stanley Cup in 2011

There are also riots during a New Hampshire pumpkin festival each October

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