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Eye-Opening ‘Southern Rites’ Documentary Explores Two Counties That Have Been Racially Divided For Years

  • May 12, 2015

Photographer and filmmaker Gillian Laub’s new documentary, “Southern Rites,” is a absolute description of how perceptions and politics have divided dual towns in southeast Georgia along secular lines for years. It’s a revelation story on a purpose of competition in modern-day America, though also one Laub didn’t creatively intend on exploring — that is, until her tour to these towns unprotected her to a array of events she suspicion would be best told by film.

Laub initial visited a area in 2009, when she set out to request a segregated promenade during a high propagandize in Montgomery County, that sits 150 miles outward Atlanta. Laub documented her knowledge there in a renouned square for The New York Times Magazine patrician “A Prom Divided,”

Soon a propagandize was pressured by a open to confederate a annual dance, that they did a following year. Laub returned to a city to request a ancestral impulse but, as shown in a film, was met with feeling and disappointment from many residents.

Her lapse also came during a scattered time for a area and is chronicled in a documentary: an aged white male in a adjacent city of Toombs County had been charged with a murder of a young, unarmed black male and a law coercion central was using to turn a county’s initial black sheriff. From this trip, Laub came divided with a most bigger story than she anticipated, that shortly stirred a creation of her 90-minute documentary.

southern rites

“Southern Rites,” that will atmosphere on HBO on May 18, packs in many formidable truths and difficult views on competition in these towns. It is told by a lens of those who have been indicted of behaving on secular bias, as good as those influenced by a existence.

It closely recaps a events that led to a Jan 2011 death of 22-year-old Justin Patterson

Though Patterson’s genocide transient inhabitant attention, Laub’s work has helped to prominence his death, a events that led to it and a ongoing concerns that identical incidents like it have happened all too frequently. And while a film captures a happenings in a tiny city in America, it also reflects a a far-reaching issues of competition family by a country.

“This is a story that needs to be told,” Laub pronounced in a press release. “This film is about giving a voice to a people of Montgomery and Toombs counties. This is their narrative.”

“When we speak about black lives matter, this film is an essence of that,” Legend said.

“Southern Rites” front on HBO on Monday, May 18 during 9 p.m. EST. You can watch a trailer below.

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