Creepy Clown Menaces Chicago Cemetery

A jester sneaking around a tomb during night sounds like a unfortunate stage from a Stephen King novel, though it incited into a genuine life shock when some costumed bozo was speckled in a Chicago graveyard. 

At a Rosehill Cemetery, a uncanny figure dressed in a yellow jester fit and rainbow wig

Julia Graham was pushing by a ancestral tomb with her father when they saw a jester using toward a categorical embankment around 10 p.m. on a new night. 

 “When we get closer, we comprehend it’s a clown, that is super weird,” she told a station. “I mean, this was somebody putting onward a lot of bid — and being unequivocally weird.”

The jester eventually beheld a Grahams’ car and incited toward it and slowly waved during a couple

The genuine temperament of a jester is unknown. Cemetery officials pronounced there have been no reports of vandalism,

Chicago military contend there have been no other jester sightings in new weeks, though a tiny subset of amiability seems to get kicks by personification on a creepy jester trope.

In October, 2013, Alex Powell, 22, a tyro in Northampton, England, became a worldwide prodigy when he freaked out locals by sauce adult as “Pennywise,”

In March 2014, a chairman dressed as a jester was speckled roaming a streets of Staten Island.

Last October, officials in Bakersfield, California, had to understanding with during slightest 16 reports of people dressed as clowns being armed with machetes and ball bats.

Why do so many people find clowns creepy?

Steven Schlozman, a Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, told final year that a fear of clowns is closely associated to do with a person’s possess fear of failure.

“Clowns, by definition, are ostensible to make we laugh,