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Bernie Sanders Calls U.S. Prison Numbers An ‘International Embarrassment’

  • December 24, 2015

 His due solutions embody investing some-more into jobs and preparation for immature people.

“In a prolonged run, we consider it’s a lot cheaper to send a child to a University of Illinois than to jail,” Sanders pronounced to applause. He also pronounced a demilitarized military force — with some-more farrago and burden to communities they offer — was essential. 

“I wish military departments to demeanour like their community, not like occupying forces.”

Sanders concurred a “vast majority” of military were doing hard, dangerous and mostly stressful work. “But like anyone else, if that officer breaks a law, he contingency be hold accountable.” 

Sanders didn’t privately residence high-profile military sharpened deaths of Chicagoans like Rekia Boyd or Laquan McDonald,Sandra Bland, who died in a Texas jailquietly met

“I talked to too many African-Americans, people with PhDs, who worry when they get into a automobile and travel, they’re going to be pulled aside by a military officer and terrible things will happen,” Sanders said.

Sanders also mentioned another hot-button emanate associated to crime and policing in Chicago — embattled

“If a doubt is, do we wish or need Rahm Emanuel’s support for president? With all due honour to a mayor, no, we don’t.” 

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