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’50 Shades Of Gay,’ Written By Chicago Blues Songwriters, Aims For LGBT-Inclusive Message

  • January 23, 2015

Chicago-based blues musicians Terry AbrahamsonDerrick Procell

Although a pretension is a winky curtsy to the bestselling book

“Kisses in a dark, surrounded by a wall of shame/Living for a adore they pronounced could never pronounce a name,” Procell croons in a song. “And we’re some-more than daddies in leather, or a girls on a golf march tee/We are a CEOs and a FBI, even a GOP.”

The concomitant video was shot in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Procell told The Huffington Post that he and Abrahamson (a Grammy Award leader for his work for Muddy Waters) wish that ’50 Shades of Gay” will eventually be available by a renouned artist who will move a balance in a mainstream.

“In my heart of hearts, my dream is to have a expel of all-star LGBT artists — Elton [John], Melissa {Etheridge], Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert — doing a strain a la ‘We Are The World,'” he said. “Hey, a fella can dream, right?”

Take a demeanour during “50 Shades of Gay” above.

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