Biden inches toward delegate win, Steve King ousted and other takeaways from Tuesday’s elections

WASHINGTON – Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests against systemic racism following the death of George Floyd, there was still an election on Tuesday. And it brough big wins, albeit expected, for former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden swept all seven states holding presidential primaries Tuesday […]

St. John’s Church has intersected with Donald Trump at key moments of his presidency

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s controversial visit to St. John’s Church on Monday, made possible after law enforcement used tear gas and shields to clear away peaceful protesters, is not the fist time the historic house of worship has been a noteworthy backdrop to his presidency. The church, located across Lafayette […]

‘Law and order’: Trump returns to 2016 theme as violence spreads after George Floyd death

WASHINGTON – At the Kennedy Space Center over the weekend, President Donald Trump reflected the crises facing his administration: Acknowledging the “pain” felt by millions of Americans, he called for “healing, not hatred.” Forty-eight hours later, as peaceful protesters were cleared from a park near the White House, […]

Meghan McCain Claims Neighborhood Is ‘War Zone’ And Gets Owned By Neighbor

Bartlett’s quick response inspired the type of fervor on Twitter that hasn’t been seen since, well, various “Glee” cast members called out Lea Michele for making the production of that show “a living hell.” (For those keeping score, that was Monday night.) Article source:

DC mayor says using tear gas on protesters outside White House before curfew is ‘shameful’

WASHINGTON – The mayor of the nation’s capital called it “shameful” that police forcefully removed protesters from the White House before the city’s 7 p.m. curfew to apparently clear the way for the president to walk to St. John’s Church. Under heavy protection, President Donald Trump and several members of […]