Captain Marvel gets a nostalgia-fueled, 90’s-inspired web site

The next time we return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’ll be to explore the origin story of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Portrayed by newcomer Brie Larson, Captain Marvel has had very little presence in the MCU outside of the post-credits scene in Avengers: Infinity War. However, she’s expected to be a huge part of the MCU going forward.

Marvel has so far only released a few trailers for Captain Marvel so far to establish the character and the main players in the movie. That being said, there is a lot of information out there that will prepare us for the cosmic adventure to come.

To get ready for the newest MCU movie, here’s everything you need to know about Captain Marvel.

The latest Captain Marvel news

February 11 – Captain Marvel gets a nostalgia-fueled, 90’s-inspired web site

There’s just something about seeing a 90’s website in action that lets us know how far we’ve come over the past two decades. Seeing as Captain Marvel is set in the 90’s, it just made too much sense not to create a 90’s site for it and Marvel did not disappoint.

Much like the iconic site for Space Jam that is still up, Captain Marvel’s site has plenty of boxy designs, rainbow text and endless looping gifs that transport us back to simpler times. It works just like regular sites but you’ll get a real kick out of site, especially with the Skrull dressed as an elderly lady popping in and out as you scroll (pun intended) down the site. It’s quite endearing.

February 8 – New TV spot shows off the Skrulls

Captain Marvel has her hands full with Skrulls in the latest TV spot for the upcoming Marvel movie. The TV spot gives us new footage of Captain Marvel and Nick Fury interacting which nicely sets up who and what Skrulls are.

This also gives us some extra footage of Captain Marvel battling infiltrating Skrulls on Earth.

“Oh boy, you guys don’t have any clue,” relates Captain Marvel as she explains to Fury the danger that Earth is in with Skrulls. There’s also a really amusing scene in which a Skrull, in a combination of a scream and growl, tries to intimidate Captain Marvel for which she returns the favor and screams at the green monster.

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