Yelp doesn’t have to take down insulting reviews, California Supreme Court rules

A divided California Supreme Court has ruled that online examination site can't be systematic to mislay posts opposite a San Francisco law organisation that a decider dynamic were defamatory.

The 4-3 statute on Monday came in a closely watched box that internet companies warned could be used to overpower online speech.

A San Francisco decider dynamic a posts opposite profession Dawn Hassell’s organisation were insulting and systematic Yelp in 2014 to mislay them. A second decider and a state appeals justice inspected a decision. urged a state Supreme Court to overturn a ruling, observant it could lead to a dismissal of disastrous reviews on a renouned website.

Hassell pronounced Yelp was exaggerating a stakes of her authorised effort.

An profession for Hassell did not immediately have comment.

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