Shelved Suncor thermal oilsands plan wins Alberta supervision approval

The Alberta supervision has authorized an focus by Suncor Energy Inc. to build a 40,000-barrel-per-day thermal oilsands plan though construction is doubtful to start any time soon.

The range says in a news recover that a Meadow Creek West project, 40 kilometres south of Fort McMurray, that would use steam to furnish bitumen from wells, can now request for environmental and internal growth permits.

Suncor CEO Mark Little, however, pronounced progressing this month his association skeleton to check growth of Meadow Creek West and a formerly authorized 80,000-bpd Meadow Creek East projects until 2023 during a beginning since it is focusing on reduce cost expansions of a existent oilsands facilities.

The Suncor capitulation comes a day after a Calgary decider systematic a range to describe a preference within 10 days on a 10,000-bpd Rigel thermal oilsands plan due by secretly hold Prosper Petroleum Ltd.

The plan perceived capitulation from a Alberta Energy Regulator in Jun 2018 though has not perceived indispensable cupboard capitulation — a check that Justice Barbara Romaine found to be irrational given that an normal plan takes about 7 months to be authorized or denied.

The range has pronounced it will interest a 10-day deadline ruling.

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