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‘Shame to Bombardier!’: Protesters scream in front of company’s Montreal domicile Sunday

  • April 02, 2017

Protesters angry by tip executive salaries during travel hulk Bombardier descended on a company’s Montreal domicile Sunday.

About 200 people chanted in French “shame to Bombardier!” in front of a company’s offices on René-Lévesque Boulevard.

The eventuality was orderly on Facebook and decried what it called a Liberal provincial government’s “austerity measures towards Quebec amicable programs, while it invests $1 billion US in Bombardier.”

Co-organizer Étienne Diotte pronounced Bombardier receiving open supports while a tip executives get increases in remuneration is “ridiculous.”

He thinks a supervision should be removing some-more concerned in how Bombardier is run.

“When we give $1 billion to someone, we can ask things of them. You don’t have to let them only do what they want,” Diotte told CBC News.

bombardier etienne

Protest co-organizer Étienne Diotte pronounced he wants a supervision to step in and make final of Bombardier. (Jaela Bernstien/CBC)

Jessica Lacombe, a teacher, carried a pointer that review “I’m still watchful for my invitation to Bombardier’s shareholders’ meeting.”

She pronounced a company’s actions are generally tough to take after years of provincial supervision purgation that have enclosed cutbacks to health and education.

“If it’s private money, they can do what they want, though now it’s open money,” she said. “It’s a taxes, it’s a money.”

Quebec’s apportion of Canadian relations Jean-Marc Fournier attended a criticism given he pronounced it was critical for a supervision to listen to citizens.

“Quebecers were really unapproachable to support Bombardier and we wish that support to be maintained,” Fournier said.

He pronounced he hoped a association would listen to a people, though stopped brief of observant either a supervision had any skeleton to lay down manners for Bombardier’s management in a future.

bombardier criticism teacher

Teacher Jessica Lacombe pronounced a association could do what it wanted when it used a possess money, not taxpayer money. (Jaela Bernstien/CBC)

The Parti Québécois however has oral out on Bombardier governance, saying it intends to benefaction a suit in Quebec’s legislature this week job on all of Bombardier’s executives to forgo their 2016 remuneration increase.

Unions not satisfied

The association has been underneath glow given it became famous final week that remuneration to authority Pierre Beaudoin and 5 comparison executives soared to some-more than $32 million final year, adult from $21 million in 2015.

Beaudoin announced late Friday that he has asked a house to scale his compensate behind to 2015 levels.

The association also put out a matter fortifying a policies concerning how executives are paid.

Unions representing workers at Bombardier aren’t satisfied.

Renaud Gagne of Unifor says Beaudoin’s proclamation doesn’t meant most given executive compensate in 2015 was already too high.

David Chartrand of a International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers says Beaudoin’s pierce is a step in a right direction, though records a compensate and reward packages could be seen as unpleasant to workers, given Bombardier is expelling some-more than 14,000 jobs around a universe by a finish of subsequent year.

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