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Parcel reserve ascent as CUPW rejects latest offer from Canada Post

  • November 17, 2018

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has deserted Canada Post’s latest offer in their work brawl as a smoothness reserve weighs on consumers fixation orders for packages during a busiest selling period of a year.

The dual parties have been negotiating for scarcely a year, and a Crown house set midnight tonight as a deadline to accept a offer.

But a kinship says it won’t negotiate underneath capricious deadlines and that a offer on the table is not good adequate to put before a workers.

In this print supposing by Canada Post, trucks full of undelivered parcels mount during a placement heart in Mississauga, Ont., on Friday. (Canada Post)

“It’s transparent they’ll have to do better,” a Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) said in a recover Friday, as a kinship continued its fourth week of rotating strikes.

“A opinion will take place when Canada Post presents offers that accommodate a final for health and safety, gender equivalence and some-more full-time jobs.” a union’s inhabitant boss Mike Palecek said in a apart statement.

Workload is at a heart of a dispute, given postal workers are delivering more and some-more packages, essentially given of internet shopping.

Palecek says employees are busy right now and delivering late into a night, with some walking adult to 30 kilometres a day.

Canada Post dangling delivery-time guarantees to a business final Tuesday as it reported a 30-day smoothness reserve ensuing from the dispute.

The association has given asked a general partners to hindrance mail and parcel shipments to Canada. It pronounced some-more than 600 trailers are now parked at Canada Post yards, watchful to be unloaded.

In an talk with CBC News on Friday, Canada Post orator Jon Hamilton pronounced a reserve is a record for Canada Post. He pronounced any of a trailers enclose an normal of 2,500 parcels.

Decisions on how to finish pursuit actions by postal workers could come as early as Sunday, pronounced a sovereign supervision source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, adding that “all a options embody legislating.”

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