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New Technology for Lamborghini: What3words Joins With Alexa

  • January 27, 2022

Aimed at enhancing both the speed and accuracy of car navigation systems, What3words is said to overcome common issues such as duplicate street names. To cite a few: There are 367 Park Streets in California; Australia has 521 George Streets; and in Greater London, there are 14 Church Roads.

“Traditional addresses often aren’t suitable for voice input,” Mr. Sheldrick added, “and a lot of the time, the best spots don’t have any addresses at all.”

For example, a Huracán driver wishing to view San Francisco Bay from the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge would first call up an image of the bridge on the What3words screen, then identify the coded, 10-foot square corresponding to that location. After voicing the code aloud — in this case “scar-milk-focus” — the driver would follow Alexa’s guidance to that exact spot.

The navigation system is part of Lamborghini’s push to meet customer expectations beyond horsepower. This year reportedly will be the company’s last to offer internal combustion engines only — in 2023 it is expected to debut hybrid models, with all-electrics coming later in the decade. (All of this technology and prowess may be paying off for Lamborghini, which in 2021 posted its best year ever, delivering 8,405 cars.)

“We start with the car and its driver,” said Luca Giardino, head of connectivity for Lamborghini. “The Huracán links computer software and hardware in ways that enhance that relationship. What3words allows greater focus on the pure driving experience — without the distraction of being uncertain whether or not you will arrive at the correct destination.”

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