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Marian Goodman Appoints Five Partners

  • July 29, 2021

When she began her enterprise in 1977, Marian Goodman challenged the somewhat provincial tastes of an American market dominated by Abstract Expressionism and nationalism. Over more than 40 years, her namesake gallery has broadened the art world’s tastes with European exports like works by Gerhard Richter and Pierre Huyghe.

Now in her nineties, the dealer has made decisions about the Marian Goodman Gallery, which has a presence in New York, Paris and London: Five employees have received promotions, becoming partners, while Goodman has given herself a new title, chief executive. She has also installed an advisory committee of five longtime staff members to support the partners.

“This announcement really is a formalization of what has already been happening on the ground,” Goodman said in an email. “I will continue in my same capacity overseeing strategy, planning and operations.”

The five partners are the directors Emily-Jane Kirwan, Rose Lord, Leslie Nolen, Junette Teng and Philipp Kaiser. Kaiser, a veteran museum director and curator who joined the gallery in 2019, will also become president. He described his new roles, in a phone interview, as helping to manage the gallery’s operations while “fighting for the integrity that Marian represents.”

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