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Cineplex to supplement during slightest 5 some-more Void virtual-reality knowledge centres

  • July 10, 2018

Cineplex says it’s adding during slightest 5 some-more immersive, virtual-reality knowledge centres in Canada over a subsequent several years.

The Void Experience Centres mix practical existence record and feeling effects, like hold and smell, to give users an immersive knowledge incorporating film franchises, like Star Wars and Ghostbusters.

Cineplex already operates one of a centres during a Toronto Rec Room plcae and says a second will open during a West Edmonton Mall location.

Along with arcade games and standard benefaction food like prohibited dogs, a Rec Room also offers what Cineplex calls an “upscale infrequent dining restaurant.” (Submitted by Cineplex)

Cineplex and a Void have sealed an enlargement agreement that gives a entertainment association disdainful rights to work a centres in Canada.

The companies did not divulge a agreement’s financial terms.

The understanding comes as Cineplex looks to enhance a offerings over cinema and opening arcade and grill spaces with a Rec Room and Playdium offerings.

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