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A Large Object Landed on His Sheep Farm. It Came From Space.

  • August 07, 2022

Mr. Miners, who was born on the farm where he discovered the unidentified debris, said that his neighbor, Mr. Wallace, had called the authorities to report the other debris that he had found on his own property earlier in July. Public interest grew, Mr. Miners said, after Mr. Wallace called the Australian national broadcaster, which later reported on the farmers’ discoveries and said that three pieces of debris had been found.

“Then everybody found out, and I’ve had about 300 calls,” said Mr. Miners, who has about 5,500 sheep, 100 cattle and 30 horses on his farm in the district of Numbla Vale.

His own piece of debris is almost 10 feet tall by 1.3 feet, he said, and an official from the Australian Space Agency called on Thursday to say that its experts planned to visit his property next week to “have a look at it.”

Mr. Miners said he had so far enjoyed learning the preliminary details about how the debris had landed and that he was not sure what would happen next.

He said he would be “happy to keep it” but was also interested in “a bit of compensation,” if the space agencies or company wanted it back.

Sa’id Mosteshar, a professor of international space law and the director of the London Institute of Space Policy and Law, said that a person would be able to claim compensation only if the debris harmed him or her or caused any damage to his or her property.

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