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Wyoming governor signs bill banning abortion pills

  • March 18, 2023

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon signed a bill Friday night prohibiting abortion pills in the state and also allowed a separate measure restricting abortion to become law without his signature.

In a statement, Gordon expressed concern that the latter law, dubbed the Life is a Human Right Act would result in a lawsuit that will “delay any resolution to the constitutionality of the abortion ban in Wyoming.”

He noted that earlier in the day, plaintiffs in an ongoing lawsuit filed a challenge to the new law in the event he did not issue a veto.

“I believe this question needs to be decided as soon as possible so that the issue of abortion in Wyoming can be finally resolved, and that is best done with a vote of the people,” Gordon, a Republican, said in a statement.

The abortion pill ban, which was approved by the state legislature earlier this month, prohibits the prescription, distribution, sale or use of “any drug for the purpose of procuring or performing an abortion on any person.”

It makes exceptions for rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger.  

According to the bill’s text, physicians who violate the law can be charged with a misdemeanor that comes with a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment and a fine of up to $9,000.

The ban will take effect July 1.

This comes after a federal judge in Texas on Wednesday heard arguments in a lawsuit that could determine whether the Food and Drug Administration will have to withdraw its decades-old approval for the abortion drug mifepristone. 

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