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Chile and UK discuss green energy cooperation and delivery of ex-RAF Sentry aircraft

  • August 11, 2022

Chile and UK discuss green energy cooperation and delivery of ex-RAF Sentry aircraft

The official picture of minister Antonia Urrejola with British Ambassador in Santiago, Louise de Sousa
One of the E-3D Sentry aircraft, ex RAF, incorporated to the Chilean Air Force for Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Chilean foreign minister Antonia Urrejola received the British Ambassador in Santiago, Louise de Sousa to address several issues of the bilateral agenda, particularly referred to green energies.

Chile in effect is much interested in developing green hydrogen as an energy alternative to reduce dependency on fosil fuels. Chile is a net importer since it only has a limited production of oil and gas in the extreme south, Tierra del Fuego, although the country’s oil company, ENAP, has had more successes overseas particularly in Africa.

According to the Chilean foreign ministry, “UK has been developing a strategy for the production of green hydrogen, characterized by public-private associations, and in that context Chile is interested in attracting investment that promote such an agenda for the production of clean, non contaminating fuels, and advance to a sustainable energy matrix, with special care for the environment and communities”.

Likewise the meeting was an opportunity to talk about the great coincidence between Chile and UK in human rights, multilateralism, and continuing to strengthen the excellent and historic relations between the two countries.

The occasion was also useful to underline the significance of the delivery and arrival in Chile, at the end of July, of two Boeing E-3D Sentry aircraft, purchased from the Royal Air Force, and incorporated to the Chilean Air Force. The package actually includes three aircraft but the third will serve as a spare parts source.

The E-3D Sentry entered RAF service in March 1991 as part of its Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance fleet. Since then, Sentry aircraft have participated in UK operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Middle East and the Caribbean, as well as taking part in NATO missions.

The aircraft will replace the legendary EB-707 Condor from the Chilean Air Force, helping the country to improve its surveillance of Chilean air space.

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