Best stands to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch

The iPhone and Apple Watch have become the perfect one-two punch for Apple users. One is the main Apple base while the other is the extension that can be accessed at all times. However, that also means you’ll have to pull double duty with charging. With that in mind, here are our picks for best charging stands to make that process infinitely easier by charging both devices at the same time.

The ultimate wireless charger

Nomad Base Station

Staff favorite

The best charging stand for the iPhone and Apple Watch is Nomad’s Base Station (the Apple Watch edition). A mixture of a traditional wireless charging with an integrated MFi-certified Apple Watch charger, it can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and even your pair of second-generation AirPods. The charging stand also looks sleek with the padded leather surface and all-black finish.

$140 at Nomad

Keep it simple

Belkin Powerhouse Charge Dock

Belkin’s Powerhouse Charge Dock is another great stand option. The simple design comes in two understated colors — white and black — that will blend in nicely with wherever your charging station is located. You’ll charge the iPhone through the adjustable Lightning connector and the Apple Watch through the magnetic charging module.

$100 at Amazon

Aesthetically pleasing

Studio Neat Material Dock

There are regular chargers and then there are chargers from Studio Neat. Its Material Dock for the iPhone and Apple Watch looks absolutely stunning with its solid walnut body in a matte finish. The molded cork stand for the Apple Watch also adds a hint of beige color. The three-in-one dock has an Apple Watch charger, Lightning connector and Qi wireless charger.

$95 at Studio Neat

Standing tall

Twelve South HiRise Duet

Twelve South raises the game with the HiRise Duet standing charger for the iPhone and Apple Watch. The unique design features a metal dock that charges your Apple Watch, and on top of the dock is a Lightning connector that will charge your iPhone. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks minimalistic to match Apple’s devices.

$99 at Twelve South

The triple threat

Conido Charging Stand

If you’re of the mind more is better, then Conido’s Charging Stand is for you. The triple threat not only charges your iPhone and Apple Watch, but it also has a slot for AirPods. The Qi wireless charger charges the iPhone via 10W, while the Apple Watch gets its own stand as well. The AirPods will charge via a Lightning connector in its own slot.

$42 at Amazon

Double dip the charge

Griffin WatchStand

Griffin’s WatchStand is very much like other selections, just slightly less expensive. That’s because it bypasses some of the built-in options, but that in itself cuts down the price by over 75%. You’ll need your own Lightning cable and Apple Watch charger, but after that, you’ll have a fantastic stand charger.

$24 at Amazon

Now, where do we begin?

Now you can being multi-task charging your iPhone and Apple Watch (and maybe AirPods) at the same time. These selections offer the best versatility to charge both devices. Our favorite is the Nomad Base Station as it offers a nice mix of looks with ability, while the Belkin Powerhouse Charge Dock also provides a great one-two punch.

If you don’t want to spend over $100 on a charging stand there are still plenty of budget options, like Griffin’s WatchStand. While you’ll have to provide your own cables, it’s still a solid option nonetheless.

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