Day: April 9, 2020

Democrats block $250 billion boost for small businesses, saying help needed for hospitals, other priorities

WASHINGTON – An effort by Senate Republicans to replenish an emergency fund for small businesses hurt by the coronavirus crisis was blocked by Democrats Thursday who called it a “political stunt” that failed to consider other pressing needs, such as more funding for hospitals. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, […]

Canada has already mislaid some-more than a million jobs to COVID-19 and a misfortune is nonetheless to come

Canada’s economy mislaid some-more than one million jobs in March, Statistics Canada pronounced Thursday, pulling a jobless rate adult to 7.8 per cent. Economists had been awaiting a figure to come in at around 500,000 jobs lost, which already would have been a misfortune month for pursuit losses on record. […]

Why Canada’s dairy farmers are transfer divert notwithstanding food supply issues in COVID-19

Some Canadian dairy farmers started transfer divert final week to absolved a complement of over-abundance prolongation as direct from restaurants plummeted amid a COVID-19 pestilence that forced eateries opposite a nation to tighten their doors. “We initial started saying divert being rejected final week,” pronounced […]