Day: February 5, 2020

Despite Iowa caucus disaster, U.S. election systems are better than you think. Really.

WASHINGTON – The technological meltdown that turned Monday’s Iowa Democratic caucuses into fodder for comedians and conspiracy theorists has cast an untimely pall over the improving methods by which Americans vote. For nearly 20 years, since Florida’s hanging chads delayed the 2000 presidential election results for 35 days, federal, […]

A U.S. court blamed Roundup for causing cancer. Then Canada defended the herbicide, emails show

Agriculture Ministry officials worried the government’s position on the health risks of Canada’s most widely used herbicide were “contradictory” following a landmark court ruling blaming glyphosate for causing cancer, internal emails show. In 2018, a groundskeeper in California won a multimillion-dollar judgment in San Francisco State Court […]