Day: September 27, 2019

‘Joker’ producer says movies ‘shake people up,’ spark discussion: ‘You can’t censor that’

CLOSE Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a clown-for-hire and stand-up comic in ‘Joker.’ WARNER BROS. PICTURES Michael Uslan is ready to help change the world again. The longtime producer of the “Batman” film franchise was there when director Tim Burton crafted the Caped Crusader’s game-changing 1989 […]

Air Canada made a 12-year-old remove her hijab. A Muslim group has come to her defense

CLOSE Fatima Abdelrahman (Photo: Sabreen Abdelrahman) Fatima Abdelrahman was boarding an Air Canada flight wearing her hijab when an airline agent stopped her. He asked the then-12-year-old to remove her headscarf. She said no. He said she had to. It was Fatima’s first time flying without her family. She made […]