Day: April 23, 2017

Superhero movies and shows are becoming homework, and it could kill them

And then there’s the fragmentation of the titles themselves. Right now, Spider-Man comes in Amazing, Ultimate, Astonishing, All-New-All-Different, 2099, and plain-old Spider-Man varieties. Over the years, Spider-Man has been Spectacular, Unlimited, Untold, Friendly, Superior, and Giant-Sized. Some of these are part of the main continuity […]

What we can learn from New York’s rent control regime

Before Ontario’s provincial government announced its plans to expand rent control, some economists were already sounding alarm bells about imposing the controversial policy. In response to some Toronto tenants who say their rents have doubled, the government on Thursday unveiled its Fair Housing Plan. It included the closing of a loophole […]

Despite special regulations, edible entrepreneurs hope to take bite of Canada’s marijuana market

Amid all the uncertainty about the federal government’s ​plans to legalize marijuana by mid-2018, a culinary mystery stands out: How will marijuana-infused food products, commonly called “edibles,” fit into the legal regime? Ottawa has signalled that regulations governing the sales of edibles won’t be ready […]