Day: January 22, 2017

Tax scams and testing ‘the Trump effect’: CBC Marketplace’s consumer cheat sheet

Miss something this week? We got you. Here’s this week’s Marketplace cheat sheet. Get this in your inbox every Friday. Sign up for the Marketplace newsletter. Poor puppy Liza Shepherd holds up picture of Abby, the Bernese Mountain Dog cross that cost her $6,000 in vet bills. (Tina Mackenzie) Before you […]

Twilight Princess’ dungeons can all be conquered by following a similar path

YouTuber Mark Brown has a series called “Boss Keys.” In it, he goes through each Zelda game’s dungeon to research design in action. In the most recent episode, Brown hits The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He compliments the game for its imaginative dungeon personality and flash, but he finds […]