YouTuber beats the odds and drifts around the Forza Horizon 3 map

Aussie YouTuber Jon Pumfrey, known as DomesticMango, is taking to Forza Horizon 3 like few out there and is already pushing its limits. This week, just as the game is releasing to retail, he’s drifting around the game’s entire map.

Forza Horizon 3‘s map is twice the size of its predecessor, so it’s already a pretty impressive feat. The whole process takes about 20 minutes and is full of close calls. He’d already tried the feat once, his adventure coming to a sudden, painful stop when an AI-controlled car pulled a sharp turn in front of him as he was passing, ending his combo chain instantly.

This time, though, he manages to make it, raking in 2.9 million points thanks in part to a point-doubling “Skill Song.” He’s driving an Australian vehicle called a Ute, this one being the Holden R8 Maloo, that he’s tuned specifically for the task of drifting endlessly. It sounds like he’s playing with a manual transmission as well, so the AI I mentioned before is about the only thing left up to chance. And that AI sure did try to ruin his streak.

Pulling this off is a pretty impressive feat and just one of the many ways people are finding to spend time at the third Horizon Festival. Watch the video and dig your fingernails into the seat, because it’s a tense one.

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