Xiaomi Mi 5s has fingerprint reader hiding under display glass

Xiaomi is back with a pair of new flagship Android smartphones. The Chinese company unveiled the Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus at an event on Tuesday. The devices pack high-end hardware and cutting-edge technology for under $400.

The Mi 5s may be the smaller device of the new duo, but it’s also the first handset to feature an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. The biometric sensor is built right into glass bezel below the display, giving the phone a sleeker look and removing the need for a physical panel that can wear down over time. We’re not sure why Xiaomi decided to stick with a traditional rear fingerprint reader on the Mi 5s Plus, though it might be to keep costs down for the larger phone.

The Mi 5s Plus makes up for it with a pair of 13-megapixel Sony cameras in back. One sensor focuses on color while the other shoots in monochrome, combining photos from both to offer sharper images. The Mi 5s offers a single 12-megapixel rear camera, and both devices pack a 4-megapixel shooter in front.

The Mi 5s Plus also comes equipped with a 5.7-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 821 processor and a 3,800mAh battery. The Mi 5s offers the same Qualcomm chip with a smaller 5.15-inch 1080p display and a 3,200mAh battery. You also get USB-C and four color options to choose from (gray, silver, gold or rose gold).

The design is pretty standard Xiaomi, with a brushed metal frame and a slight curve in back. Both devices are impressively thin and the cameras are totally flush with the rest of the body. Xiaomi also notes that The Mi 5s Plus is 20 grams lighter than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Xiaomi’s new phones go on sale in China on September 29. The Mi 5s starts at 1999 yuan ($299) with 64GB of storage and 3GB of RAM, and jumps to 2299 yuan ($345) for 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. The Mi 5s Plus starts at 2299 yuan for 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, or 2599 yuan ($389) for 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.

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