Will Ferrell’s George ‘Dubya’ Bush slams Donald Trump: He’s a ‘disgraced pumpkin’

(CNN)Will Ferrell’s George “Dubya” Bush is back, and he’s taking on Donald Trump and Billy Bush.

    “First of all, I’d just like to say something about my cousin Billy Bush,” Ferrell smirked. “He’s been in the news a lot lately. Him and that disgraced pumpkin, Donald Trump, talking on that bus. I just want to say one thing, we Bushes don’t act like that, okay? We have standards, and we’re raised a certain way. We would never, under any circumstances, ride a bus. When you’re a Bush, you ride in a limousine or a jump jet, or maybe a monster truck called Sasquatch Express. Never a bus.”

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    @midnight with Chris Hardwick

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