Why You Should Never Take A Photo Of Your Boarding Pass

And boarding pass barcodes aren’t safe, either.

Intrigued? Let’s take things one step further. Say you’re a savvy traveler, and you post a photo of your boarding pass but cover up vital details like your name and booking number. This is just as dangerous: Your barcode is basically just your ticket in smaller form, according to Bob Davidson, the head of aviation facilitation at the International Air Transport Association.

“Information encoded into the… bar code on each boarding pass includes largely the same information that is clearly printed on the document: name, flight numbers, boarding and destination cities, times, airport, gate, seat, frequent traveler account number,” Davidson told HuffPost.

Barcode-reading websites can quickly glean this information from a simple image, lifted from your cheery Instagram pic.

In short, the best photo is no photo at all.

You may think you’re following safe practices by covering up the name or numbers on your boarding pass. But really, the best practice is to not post a photo of your boarding pass at all. Doing so is like telling the entire world you’re out of town and off your guard.

“The greatest risk in posting a boarding pass on social media is that it is a clear indication that the person will not be home at a specific time,” Davidson said. “That… is like leaving the front door not only unlocked, but thrown wide open.”

Skip straight to posting landscape photos after you’re back, instead.

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